2021 WSOP: Is it going to happen live?

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February 5, 2021 0 Comments

Iv been to Vegas 3 times in the last 8 months and here is my take.Poker is happening in Vegas right now and even getting high turnouts. South-point last time had every table running with plex glass and the wait list was insane. The casino itself was packed. The poker room had 30 tables (I feel they actually squeezed more in recently so may be even more now).I entered the Deepstack events and the $600 events had over 1200 people. These events were happening around every 10-15 days for the last few months and pulling these numbers were common. Sounds like 1200 is a lot but it was spread over 3 flights.Florida a few weeks ago had one near Miami and while it was limited to 400 unique players it still managed to reach it on flight 3 of the 6 scheduled flights. I watched has probably hundreds of players were turned away.Overall live poker is going strong where it is being offered.Sounds like I think WSOP is going to happen, but I do not think it will happen like normal. Vegas currently requires plex glass in order to have decent table size. Plex glass will be expensive for an event like the WSOP if they still want to do 1000s of tables at a time. It just wont happen. The Plex glass requirement will have to end before a normal WSOP can happen, and im not seeing that happening soon.I doubt they will have anything by May and would have already announced it if they did plan on it. September or later this year could still be possible, but wouldn’t expect them to officially announce something until early May if they do decide it.

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