a try at moving up to nl5

February 10, 2021 0 Comments

So I got up a third time to $100 in nl2 6 max and I tried again to move up to nl5. As always, coolers welcomed me and I have to grind it back again at nl2.I 3 bet from the btn with 99 the villain who open raised from CO. I hit a set, there are two spades on the flop, no straight draw on the board, only flush draw. I bet 3/4 of the pot every street and flush gets there, he shows A8s.I open raise from SB with JJ, bb calls. I hit a set with jacks. Flop comes J4T rainbow, I bet big, he calls of course. The turn is an 8. I bet big again and he calls. I’m like ‘there’s no way he has Q9’. I bet on the river and he shows Q9o. The villain 38 vpip.I open raise with KK from the btn, BB 3 bets me, I 4 bet him. He goes all in and he shows AA, standard in micros.I don’t remember this exact hand but I lost to an ace high flush while having a flush as well.Last hand, MP with the vpip over 50 open raises, the villain with 40 vpip from CO flat calls. I 3 bet big with TcTh. MP folds, the villain calls. Flop comes 2h 6h 9h and he goes all in. There’s no way I’m folding because the villain is 40 vpip and I see a lot of times people go all in like that with Ah/Kh, he could have literally everything with this vpip. I call and he shows me 7h5h. I knew he could have an ace because a few hands ago, he limped, I raised him with QQ. Of course, an ace appears on the flop and the villain had a6s.A lot of people are talking that it’s a dream to play against opponents like that. It is when you actually can make a fucking hand. They’re gonna call your ass with trash hands and the worst thing is that they hit flops so well I just can’t believe it.It was my third attempt at moving up to nl5 and like always I gotta move down and grind it back up again. I tried to move up at $100, I lost 5 buy-ins. Just a little rant.

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