How can you tell when you actually play well as a live player?

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February 11, 2021 0 Comments

I’ve had two big winning sessions out of the last 4. Typically I’m a losing player with intermittent wins. But the thing is I just can’t tell what I do differently between winning and losing. I like to think after a big win that I played better but honestly I have no clue. For instance tonight and the last big sesh I caught a set on a pre-flop raised pot when an ace hit the board so I was essentially guaranteed customers. I’ll break down the hand tonight just to get some specific hand analysis in I guess.I was in BB, 6 handed, UTG limps UTG+1 raises 12 in a 1/3 game folds to me and I call with 7s and the button calls (button had been asleep for awhile).Flop comes A 7 5 rainbow. I check UTG checks and UTG +1 raises to 40, I call UTG puts 100 on top UTG+1 folds I call.Turn is x of clubs honestly can’t remember – 2 clubs on the board. Check checkRiver is king of clubs I raise 150 hoping he had AK UTG calls and shows A5 for two pair.I don’t really know if I played it well by checking the turn. I felt like a sneaky pro checking to the raiser on the flop but on another night when I run into a weird ass backwards flush there and lose $300 instead of gain it I’ll walk away feeling like I didn’t play well. There were other spots that I felt like I found good bluff spots or C-bet spots that took pots that weren’t mine but so often those go the wrong way for me. I guess I’m just asking as a strictly live player how do I find leaks in my game? Because I don’t really believe that the difference between a +3 buy in session and a -1.5 buy in sesh really boils down to super wide difference in my play. So how do I keep moving forward?Thanks a lot for any advice!

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