Warning for ignition poker players

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February 11, 2021 0 Comments

I had my poker account disabled on the client for some unknown reason and I wanted to get into contact with the Ignition support team to help me resolve it. I get on the website, go down to the help section and find the live chat assistance and get matched up with a guy who spends a couple minutes with me saying “how are you doing” and “can I have you date of birth” before he just leaves the chat. After that I tried to find another live chat assistant and apparently that was the only guy on schedule and I think well maybe its bad luck. Hours later and still nobody working. They also have an option to find help from similar situations on the forum, but guess what? Their forum doesn’t exist anymore or maybe there wasn’t one in the first place.I then try to call them on their support phone number and after getting through the automated portion they added in a new part saying that due to covid-19 they aren’t offering phone services anymore. What in the world? How do they handle customer service issues for all the people that don’t like emailing them and waiting days for a email back?I wanted to write this out because I looked in past posts about ignition account disabling and it seemed like quite a few people had major problems getting good customer service, some had funds recovered and some didn’t. Idk what ignition is going through to not be able to afford phone reps but just seemed super strange.TLDR: ignition customer service is very understaffed/not staffed at times and they laid off their entire phone reps too.Also does anyone else have problems with multiple copies of ignition lobby running in the background? I close the app but look in task manager to like 4-6 of them lagging the hell out of my pc. I’m probably going to be moving away from this soon tbh.

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