Unsure how to proceed with QQ on flop that pairs board live 1/2

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February 12, 2021 0 Comments

Thinking about a hand I played about a week ago and was hoping to hear some outside perspective.Some background: Hero has been sitting at the table for about 90 minutes and we’re up a small amount. Have played some small pots and not really gotten out of line. Both villains have been playing loose and passive. Have noticed both players capable of playing big pots with light cards. Effective stack is $250 both players have us covered. Game is 7 handed so it does change things up.Villain 1 (UTG) opens to $15 (standard). Villain 2 in CO calls. Folds to hero in BB who looks down at QQ. Hero 3 bets to $45.Question 1 Do we size bigger here? My thinking was that in the time I’ve sat at the table I’ve only seen one other 3 bet, so it comes across really strong. I don’t want to go nuts and get folds but can I get more value going bigger (especially against two loose villains)?UTG calls and CO calls.Flop comes T T 4 rainbow.Question 2 What do? I’m not sure how to feel about this board. On the one hand I think my queens are super strong. AA or KK would’ve certainly 4bet so I’m not afraid of those. Even though both villains are playing loose I doubt either one has 44. The flip side is I think there are a lot of Ts in either players calling range. Especially for the cutoff; I can give him credit for pretty much T9+. I don’t really like checking since it gives a lot of hands with an Ace or King a chance to get there for free. Betting is strong and I think it’s the better play but I’m not sure. If we bet and face a jam I’m pretty sure I’m committed.Would love to hear other’s opinions and advice. Will post results later.

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