Ethical/practical question about the registration bubble

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February 13, 2021 0 Comments

A strange situation happened earlier, in a small turbo MTT tournament in which I had a healthy top 5 stack with about 70 players left and this hand was essentially the last opportunity for rebuys, so I expected the short stacks to be shoving lightly. I min-raised a suited ace from UTG and it folded around to the SB, who had like 3.5 BBs, and he shoved. When it came back to me, I realized two things were unique about this spot; 1st, if I used even 1/2 of my time bank the player would not be able to rebuy and 2nd, the number of players was exactly one below the threshold for a prize pool reshuffle, meaning 27 would be paid instead of 36 with one less player rebuying.This scenario presents a whole host of ethical and practical questions; is it wrong to stall here? Obviously being a bigger stack in a turbo is relevant. Am I greedy but correct to think it’s +EV to keep the payouts a little higher for the top spots, since I stand a better chance of getting there? Am I risking swift punishment from the poker gods for such a scummy angle and sure to go bust on the bubble later myself? I know when I’ve been all-in trying to double or rebuy on the registration bubble, I’m super tilted if I bust and miss the window. What would you do?

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