1/2 PLO Line Check (2 Hands)

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February 14, 2021 0 Comments

Table is very loose passive home game with only 1 other thinking player/reg at the table besides me.Hero is on Button and straddles for 106 limpers to me and I pop it to $75 with KcKsQd9cMP and CO callFlop ($265) – Kd 2c JsBoth players check to me I bet $175Only the cutoff calls, I put him on a lot of Broadway draws or sometimes even KJ but I expect to me raised at a near 100% frequency by this player with JJ or 22 if he finds his way to the flop with that hand.Turn ($615) – TdI think this is the worst turn card in the entire deck for my hand, holding the Qd is good in this spot I think but I’m not sure if it’s enough to merit another bet so I check behind after he checks to meRiver ($615) – 2sCO checks I bet $500 and he tank calls with AdQxKx5dHand #2Hero is in the UTG $10 straddle with 7c7s10c9cMP and Button call and I check 3 ways to the flopFlop ($33) – 7d 3d 3sI check from up front to allow other players to catch up as I’m super nutted here and don’t want to lose value from a 3 or a diamond draw by betting large across multiple streetsMP bets $25 Button calls I call (should I be raising here?)Turn ($108) – 5cI check, MP checks and the button now bets $50I call and MP calls, I think this is the worst played street from my perspectiveRiver ($258) – AhI check hoping to find a bet from someone who has now filled up with 3x but action checks through.MP had a 3 that didn’t fill and the Button had a straight.Would love any thought and input on these hands I have been studying PLO the past couple months and really working hard to improve my game so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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